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Sustainable development

The Innovation Park

The New Road Community Development model was one of a kind when it was initiated and remains one of a very small few similar models nationwide today. As the comprehensive plan for development of the New Road community was being put in place, the organization set aside several lots going toward the highway for commercial development. Over the years, as has happened in Northampton county with several municipalities, property owners and developers, the community considered a commercial retail recruitment for those parcels. It’s overtures to regional and national retailers were met with mixed reviews as retailers raised concerns about population density and number of rooftops per square mile and the lack thereof.  The community decided to pursue a mixed-use approach to development, specifically an innovation-driven model with secondary retail and distribution based development strategies following its review of the findings of the report, “Opportunities in Innovation” which was prepared by the United States Sustainable Development Corp. 

The community believes that the comprehensive Innovation in Food project is be the highest and best use of the commercial property which will require the familiar, self-directed approach to development as opposed to continuing to wait another two decades for an outside retailer to open the door to opportunity. The property consists of eight lots totaling approximately 3.8 acres that have been subdivided in lots ranging from .3 to 1.3 acres on both sides of Ruth Wise Rd. and Lankford Highway. The hydroponic and aquaponic growing sites will be located on the north side of Ruth Wise Rd. and the 6,000 sf metal building will be constructed on the southside of the same road.

The Innovation in Food Project

In success, the people from the New Road community and surrounding areas will be able to receive training and education in hydroponic and aquaponic growing, culinary arts, commercial growing and wholesale, retail and distribution. While the hope is that many will go into hydroponic and aquaponic growing as a employment or business opportunity, the skills that are gained are those that will apply in other lateral segments of the agriculture and food industries.